Girls Fighting
The Girl-Fight Situation

The surge of fighting video clips across the net has lastly captured the interest of the mainstream news, such as a CBS2HD news stories on the enormous quantity of video clips of girl fights online. It’s about time these video clips attracted the interest of a lot more people.

The post, entitled “Teen-On-Teen Girl Combats Sweeping Internet”, covers how increasingly more fights between women take place in colleges all over the country, with 80% of recorded school fights currently being among females of young age.

Video clips of true fights from minor street fights to all out gang fights are very easily observed on Vimeo as of late, and virtually any minor who sets up a Youtube account being untruthful regarding their age gain access to this objectionable material.

The post explains the concept that observing these kinds of video clips (not only on Vimeo, but on quite a few other sites likewise) tends to make minors more prone to take part in like-minded behavior mainly because there are many people today who’ll take desperate measures to “get famous”. Now i am going to speculate there may be much more to it than that. Just lately a colleague confided in me that girls in america and Canada are virtually trained to detest each other. It’s possible what she actually claimed was that young women tend to be coached to be extremely competitive with one another, to put down other young women. She mentioned that one girl can almost under no circumstances have faith in what slides out of some other girl’s mouth if, for instance, that girl provides a compliment. As a possible example, she mentioned that if a woman says “I like your shirt,” it may well indicate that this girl detests her clothes, or that she’s envious due to the fact she desires the shirt, or it could also imply that she really does like the piece of clothing being discussed.

This close friend remarked that only the word of close, true pals might be honest. This was an epiphany for me personally, mainly because like a man I had always thought that females got along quite well. Evidently, if girl confrontations are any suggestion, this particular ill will that has tended to fester beneath the surface is beginning to come out in unpleasant and violent means progressively more. If you really want ugly, have a look at the videos of girl gang battles; these go even a greater distance in terms of violence.

Is there anything that can be done?

Probably the most disturbing points concerning these kinds of video clips is the fact that somebody needed to be there recording the whole thing, and they do nothing at all to end girls fighting and various brutal situations. Quite often, this is rather unacceptable as grown guys in many cases are present during these kind of fights. They’re able to separate the girls, call up the police, any variety of things. Yet taking a fast look at some video clips tends to make it very clear that bystanders get some form of twisted entertainment from watching 2 people trying to physically hurt each other. In many cases, they will even try to make encouraging remarks or laugh at the fighters. I’ve commented on the inappropriate behavior of bystanders previously in other articles, and it seems even more outrageous when women are involved.

Unfortunately since girl fights are fast-becoming a really serious social issue, it’s up to each person in society to undertake their portion.

The ABC content I mentioned within the introduction includes advice from college officials about the most effective method to proceed with regards to keeping their very own children from entering into in street altercations. The only truly helpful tip they presented was for moms and dads to speak to their kids concerning the issue. It’s rather humorous too, mainly because they make the point that you ought to ask a whole lot of questions, as opposed to just specifically forbidding your kids to do it. That’s some strong parenting advice that relates to many areas of kids’ lives. It’s been mentioned often times that it’s essential for moms and dads to talk to their teenagers, and to always remember that 50 % of talking can encompass listening what your child has to say! As a parent, I’ve found that teens (my child, at the very least) really do listen closely should you take enough time to slowly and properly describe the reason why they should or should not do something. Of course, this information will likely be speaking to the choir as I am sure most moms and dads who currently have balanced communication with their children don’t need to worry about their adolescents, especially girls fighting videos and altercations which will likely be submitted over the internet.

One unproductive tip they presented was to tell teens to report any “improper” clips like that will improve the situation. Even if they did, the clips would just be flagged as not suitable for kids, and kids can still view all of them with quite easily. That is just Youtube along with other well-known web-sites; you’ll find possibly numerous other websites that provide clips of girl fights as amusement.

I think that, as usual, this adore of physical violence can be a sign of much deeper issues. I think that to really change things, we being a society have to do some adjustments on non-physical violence. Why don’t we study Gandhi in college, instead of glorify violence in motion pictures and print?

It’s a shame that a great deal of our youngsters spend a whole lot time seeing video of humans beating the crap out of each other. I don’t possess the solutions, but There’s no doubt that that jointly, we can easily come up with something. As a last resort, perhaps all kids should be compelled to undertake fighting techinques education. Individuals who wish to can fre, plus it is going to be under expert supervision. And it will then involve ability, and spirit, as opposed to unmitigated vicious and pointless voilence.

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